eWeLink on x86 / ARMv7 and different operating systems?

Any marginal chance that the eWeLink application will one day appear on x86 Windows / Linux?

Or at least on ARMv7 Linux?

@Teki @ward

Not a chance :man_shrugging: They’re too busy with the whole shebang that is already around :grin:

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No such plan as far as I know.

But there are already plenty of alternatives for phone apps. I wonder won’t it be more convenient using web/cast for device control on desktop? Will you tell us why it matters to you?

Really? I wonder which you have in mind?

The web versions do not allow me to add a new device, they do not support LT/T/S, I will not use them in LAN mode…

I don’t want a prosthesis, just full application and full functionality. The web versions are ok, but they also have their limitations.

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