eWeLink app on Android Tablet

Hi Great Team,
I would like to know, if there is any plan to adjust the layout of the app for Android Tablet, or if maybe there is in plan the release of a dedicated app for Tablet.

It is true that with the Web version you can use it on the tablet, but it will not work in LAN mode.

I already bought the NSPanelPro, but the screen is to small to use it for monitor the consumption and customize the scenes :wink: so I think that will be great if is possible to have the same app of the mobile with a tablet layout.


Hi Pasquale, I agree that LAN mode is a kind of protection and a good feature that can make devices work correctly no matter what happens.
And we are pushing the progress of bringing LAN mode and power-on state features to all types of devices.
An app for Tablet, we will evaluate it with the team and dig deep to see how we can achieve it in a better way.