Ewelink issue in Homeassistant

I have been trying to re-intergrate Ewelink back into Homeassistant, but the Git hub add-in fails to show. Not sure what the issue mught be.

Are you using this add-on?

Can u plz explain a little bit more about your steps? And from where did it absent?

Thx in advance.

To see this add-on, you must first add a repository in the Add-on store. Otherwise it will not be visible.
As a side note, this add-on is quite old and has not been updated for a long time. Instead, use Sonoff LAN. You can get it via HACS [HACS > Integrations > Plus > SonoffLAN]. It works very well. Sonoff device support can be in LAN or cloud mode (Zigbee and some WiFi). This add-on allows you to use S-Mate and R5 in HA! Most importantly, it is being constantly developed and updated.