eWeLink - entities found in standalone UI - but not inside HA

I’ve installed the eWeLink add-on, via Docker (no supervisor). The interface responds well at port 3000 and discovers my local devices (six of them, Sonoff S26R2).

When I head over to Home Assistant, I cannot find these entities. They are not there in the Overview panel - and not available when I try to create a new scene either. I have logged out of HA, I have restarted the Docker container and I have pressed “Sync Lovelace card” (with reported success).

And… I do not get a menu entry (in the left hand nav) for eWeLink.

And I cannot find settings for the eWeLink addon - inside HA.

(I suppose the last two depend on me running it from Docker).

Switching the devices on/off in the standalone UI works.

Since there are some note to Docker users, I assume it is possible to get some UI working, inside HA even without the supervisor.

How can I get the entities available in HA docker ?

What is the URL of the eWeLink addon page in HA? (if no navbar menu item, I could type it manually in the browser).

Thanks for any help.

Forwarded to our tech team to check, get beck to you later.