eWeLink - entities found in standalone UI - but not inside HA

I’ve installed the eWeLink add-on, via Docker (no supervisor). The interface responds well at port 3000 and discovers my local devices (six of them, Sonoff S26R2).

When I head over to Home Assistant, I cannot find these entities. They are not there in the Overview panel - and not available when I try to create a new scene either. I have logged out of HA, I have restarted the Docker container and I have pressed “Sync Lovelace card” (with reported success).

And… I do not get a menu entry (in the left hand nav) for eWeLink.

And I cannot find settings for the eWeLink addon - inside HA.

(I suppose the last two depend on me running it from Docker).

Switching the devices on/off in the standalone UI works.

Since there are some note to Docker users, I assume it is possible to get some UI working, inside HA even without the supervisor.

How can I get the entities available in HA docker ?

What is the URL of the eWeLink addon page in HA? (if no navbar menu item, I could type it manually in the browser).

Thanks for any help.

Forwarded to our tech team to check, get beck to you later.

Have you entered the ID (eWeLink Account/PW) to login and access the entities? This is done in the HA config file. Also the eWeLink add-on should be in the left side menu if it has properly loaded.
The add-on should have the same IP address as the unit running HA, since it is a sub componenet.

Thanks, I understand how this should work, what you’re pointing out.

However, I would prefer to use the ‘orthodox’ Home Assistant way of interfacing the SonOff modules (i.e. via an integration, in this case SonoffLAN).

However, that module (integrations are how things normally are done in Home Assistant) has issues with mDNS. It seems the maintainer of that module would need some help from HW manufacturer - to sort that out.

were you able to solve it? I’m looking to discover the devices using the docker too and appending to HA since Alexx integration sadly doesn’t work well for R5 and I want to give it a try with the official one