eWeLink Door Lock


Is there currently an eWeLink solution for a door lock, bar a switch being used in conjunction with an automated lock (magnet or mechanical)?

All I see are TUYA. No eWeLink solution.

I find this to be a gap.

I have made an ewelink solution at my home with a sonoff mini-R2, a mushroom emergency button: Paddenstoeldrukknop PDG Maasland, Knoppen en Schakelaars, Elektromechanische beveilingsproducten, Assortiment, StedaParts AfmBOoqSNU5OH9M81OSGCCH0vuBcGp8RGAgNbgzx3CGLHb0sAjFTR-eNn9c one and a 24 Volt adhesive magnet. In my garden you can open it with the mushroom button, on the outside with the app.