🪑 eWeLink CUBE 2.0 Update - More Changes Under the Hood

What do you mean by “not working”.
What’s the exact behavior fo these devices?

If I press on/off in Ewelink Cube nothing happens on these devices.
The same thing also happens for the commands given by Home Assistant

How did you connect the device with HA, may I ask?

Via Matter

Please send us the system log via feedback or in here.
We’ll check it ASAP.

The logs are here WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

in this video i explain the fault
regards Rick

I reset the ihost to factory default.
After that, i added a socket and it works!!

reset your ihost to factory defaults and start all over.
I works for me.

I did a reset and the problem is not resolved.

I miss the notification of your answer in time and now the video isn’t present anymore :frowning: