EWeLink and sub networks

hello everyone, here at my house I have 2 local networks. ex: and my ihost is on network and some devices are on network Is there any way to create scenarios with integration in iHost? In my attempts, the zigbee button that is on iHost does not find the device networt. And in homeassistant I can control this device , but I can’t find the ihost zigbee button (

well done! I answer myself lol. I was able to do this integration using the contributed ewelink on node red that finds the devices independently of the network.

Did that solve your problem? I’m struggling with my iHost, but just dawned on me that it may be struggling with finding devices because of my home mesh - Deco E4. It’s on 192.168.68…, but shows everything on 192.168.1… Hasn’t been a problem with Alexa or anything previously though :thinking:

I got around this integration by using ewelink contributes on nodeRed which finds the devices independently of the network. Have you tried finding the devices via nodeRed ?

I’m going to give that a try tonight, cheers. it’s all fairly new to me, but it’s been a real struggle. It all worked for me out of the box. Then I had to move the hub, still on the same network of course, but it messed everything up, including the link with devices on my Ewelink app. They’re all set to LAN and worked previously, but even my cameras aren’t available now either. I must admit, Alexa was too easy, everything just works, but I was hoping to have something better to tinker with, and planned on replacing my house alarm using Sonoff sensors and devices. Now to get into NodeRed, which I inevitably had to do eventually any way, looks great