eWeLink Admin(s)

Please can we have the ability to have multiple ‘Admin’ users in the eWeLink app, building on this, potentially a user could have ‘temporary admin’ status where it is revoked after a certain date when they return to ‘member’ status or the account is disabled.


I aide my clients by setting up their smart homes but I have to setup their installations so they own the admin account… for obvious reasons. However, I often have numerous troubleshooting issues to manage when off-site. While as a member of their subscription I can see their environment, I have no ability to add scenes, rename devices, change scenes, delete items etc. To resolve problems, I have to either login to an Advanced Plan (which they may not have) with their user account, or pay them a visit to make the change on their device. This delays remediation. Sharing passwords to logins etc is not good practice and changing my phone to login to someone else’s account is tedious and prevents me comparing environments when troubleshooting.