Effective Period flexible and other remarks

I propose to add the possibility of a more complex setting of the Effective Period. For now, it is possible in a rather basic way. I miss options like “from XX.XX to XX.XX and from XX.XX to XX.XX” or “from XX.XX to XX.XX with a break between XX.XX and XX.XX”. Now you have to create separate scenes to get this. The result is that a lot of them are created and they may become difficult to comprehend.
Sorting of tiles by a set parameter is missing. It is not possible to change the appearance (list/tiles/size). There is a lack of consistency in the presentation of device details: you either click the whole tile or three dots, which are harder to hit precisely. It is not possible to change the name of the room. There is also a “Custom Tiles” option, which has a strongly ambiguous description of how to use it.

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for your questions

  1. the multiple effective period, is on our plan, but the priority is relatively low and may not be implemented soon.
  2. for sorting the device tiles, you can drag and drop the tiles to try.
  3. the presentation of device details:
    Yes, to simplify the operation, for single-channel devices, click to switch on or off.
    For multi-channel devices, click on and select the channel to switch on or off.
    we’ll consider optimize as well, do you have any suggestions?
  4. to change the room name:
  5. for the custom tiles, this feature is mainly for developers to develop add-ons to display custom tiles.
  1. Good to know. Is it that difficult to implement?
  2. I know you can drag and drop. I was thinking of a solution similar to the Android app where you can change the grid or sort by a preset parameter.
  3. This is clear and obvious to your interface developers. Apparently, they haven’t come up with anything better and have stayed that way. However, there is no consistency, and it is difficult to find a uniform pattern. The whole interface needs a facelift and tidying up in an analogous way to the familiar eWeLink app. For the time being, the appearance of CUBE clearly shows different approaches not necessarily coordinated with each other.
  4. Why can’t you do this directly on all devices list view screen? Again, there is some confusion in the approach here.
  5. The description on the …/#/room/uiCard is enigmatic and after reading it you still have no idea what this invention is and what it is for. You could make a bit more effort in explaining it :slight_smile:

Thanks and best regards.