DW2-WIFI-L can't complete upgrade

I just bought 4 new DW2-wifi-L sensor and all of them stop upgrading at 90% stage, finishing with the message that it wasn’t possible to do the upgrade.
I’ve tried several times with all the new 4 sensors and always went wrong way…
Any explanation for this please?
Thank you

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I have 8 different devices and all stuck upgrade at 90% too, then fail and I must power off and on to recover use

Exactly the same behavior when upgrading the device Mini R2. Upgrade fail and power off/on necessary too work again.

The DW2-WI-FI-L keep working well although the fail at 90% upgrade process.

Today i have update for my DW2 l
update success

From Portugal, also tried again a few minutes ago and it was albe to make the upgrade of my new 4 devices DW2-Wi-Fi-L.
3 of them, at first attempt today and 1 of them only at second attempt.

from saturday, my 4 DW2-Wifi are connect but offline…please I would like receive a solution…

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