Dual R3 firmware 1.5.2 issue

I was running firmware 1.5.0 on all my 5 dual-r3 with local mode only, so this means no internet access, everything was fine and stable automated with home-assistant.

I decided to update one of them to 1.5.2 (don’t ask why I had this stupid idea…)
Since this upgrade the dual-r3 disconnects and reconnects every 10 minutes to my wifi network… it’s seems that the firmware has implemented some wifi reset when no internet connection is present… this is is really bad news for the local mode only.


  1. Is there a way to revert the dual-r3 back to 1.5.0 ?

My suggestions to improve the product:
a) The app is lacking the feature to rollback to the previous firmware version
b) The Dual R3 control in the app should include “internet watchdog” on/off toggle

Many thanks
I’m taking any suggestion to help me solve this.