Device work on ewelink but not on google assistant after linked

May I know this device’s ID? Could you take a screenshot to show the device ID in Device Settings?

Hello there
No device id from app
I attached 3 pics from device box
Hope they are useful

Oops! My bad.I should have been more clear. The device ID is actually on the Device Settings page. Please check the screenshot below.

No way to find out the id
But anyway trying and trying I think this switch haven’t WiFi option but only Bluetooth
Vendor advice was a fake i suppose
Thank you friend

Gotcha. I’m wondering if this device is connected to a gateway?

i attached vendor advice and a bar code founded on device
do you think i should use other app wechat?

In fact, if your remote switched is connected to a remote gateway. It will allow you to control it via Google. If not connect to gateway, that means you wouldn’t be able to control it via Google as some remote switch communicates with Bluetooth.

Indeed it don t connect to hotspot
I attached the instructions book …no way