Changing device type of a relay

I have an inching relay connected to operate a security gate. In the eWeLink app I have made this display as a door.
Google Home recognises this device as a wall socket (I can change it to light, air conditioner, etc on the Google Home app). Google Home cannot change the device type to ‘door’ or ‘gate’.
Is there a way to make Google Home recognise what the eWeLink device is for? Then it would display appropriate icons and controls, and respond to the voice command ‘Open the Gate’ instead of ‘Switch the Gate On’
I know I can do this using Google Automations in the Google Home app but this will not work with Android Auto.
Thank you.

That’s a request that we have sent to Google home too…, seems Google think that the door/gate option should opens to Locks only. :joy:

Thanks for your reply. I hope that Google is listening.