Device power ON state to Trigger Scene

Is it possible to have the ability for, say a SV power on status trigger a scene?

I’d like to place a SV WiFi board between my electric fence energiser and siren.

Only when the fence is in alarm, will the SV board’s power come on. I’d then like it to trigger another SV board connected to my armed response radio link up to send an alarm signal.

If no, could it be added?

I agree, that would be a nice feature. What I currently do for a similar situation is to combine a Mini R2 with the SV. The SV is between the alarm system and the siren and I use it to activate a small relay. The relay gives me a dry contact to the Mini R2 switch sensor (grey connectors). I then use the Mini R2 on/off state to trigger other smart scenes. This has been working reliably for almost 2 years.