Deleyed datas EWeLink APP ios and PC web app

The problem is related to delayed values of temp. After opening app it’s necessary wait some time to refresh datas. All is working with sonoff TH. In my opinion it’s should work immediately without open app or website. Scenes not working because servers don’t see a real value in real time. Do anybody have similar issue?

Same problem here, can see a lot off threats about this right now, there must be a bug problem with 1.1.00
Like here TH Elite Firmware issue

Before sw upgrade all works properly?

I think it is related to temperatures. If I have a scene triggered by motion but which checks the temperature it is very quick. For example if there is motion cement in my living room and it is cold the heater is turned on very quickly.

In contrast if a scene is triggered by a bedroom being cold only it fails quite often. This is with Zigbee Temperature, so I don not think it is just the TH Elite.

I have actually just made a suggestion that would correct this on the forum: scenes should run within the browsers, Home Assistant eWeLink integration, eWeLink-phone-camera and their more powerful devices (eg. NS Panel Pro) without any recourse to the cloud. I don’t believe the web interfaces can interact with local devices on the same network but it would be good if they did. Then there would be no delay difference between a local phone and web.

I see one interesting thing, if I create scenes first time this scenes automatically are seted on “on” position. If this scenes will be not touched still will switched on then all works good. If I gonna turn off and againly I will turn on then a problem will occur. I have to confirm this observation but I prefer to share with You.

My work around here is to set the temp in automode funktion on the device.
i can’t use screens by temp right now, becous the temp is not updated without opening the browser on my lan network, then the temp update in the browser and the screens first triggers.
Is really tempted to switch over the Home Assistant right now.