Delayed start after power loss + delayed start devices in group controll

Hello! Please add if possible function ^delayed start^ and ^delayed start after power loss^ Its very useful in many scenarios, for example mine:
I have system on POWr2 and TH controllers that automatically start after power loss (that I have a lot) but some devices need to delay for starting - for example intake big fans in ventilation that controlled by POWr2 need to wait 1.20 min for motor that also controlled by another POWr2 open vent grill.

And I have some other devices that maded with using 2 psu and 2 POWr2 (1 on each psu) so for correct automation work need to wait for load software system that use PSU n1 only then PSU2 turn on and load part of entire system hardware devices.

So delayed start after power loss its will be very useful.

And second - ^delayed power on^ with ability to group some devices its be amazing also for example for now I need to switch on power for motor that controll vent grill, wait for 1.20 min then turn on controller that powers Fan. If it will be available to make group of 2 controllers and set to on of them delay 1.20 min it will be great.
Of course I can make scenarios for this, but workink with scenarios on my experience not so good if you have a lot (200 devices) of all type start from sensors, cemeras, all type of switches etc.

But for delay power after power loss its not possible for sure.

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go to device settings and check do you have inching feature available.
I believe inching is what you are looking for.
More info can be found here: Inching and Interlock mode - eWeLink

Unfortunately in POWr2 and TH there is only possible to turn on inching mode that will power off device after some time. And no delay power on after power loss / not possible to group pow and th devices and set delay to selectet devices in group after power on

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hello very good function i need it to for my fridge after AC power loss , actual it can replace another device .but still until now they didn’t added , maybe this device doesn’t have memory or cannot count delay

Set the device state to off after power outage. Then create a scene which begins with a delay and then switches the device on

Nice idea will try thanks

Some newer devices do have a delayed “Power-on state” feature.

Sorry for example which device? I have pow r3 pro and it dont have that option or I miss something

I’ve seen it at least at the MINIR4 aka Mini Extreme and the T5-2C-86 aka TX Ultimate.