Delay on feature

Hello is in plan to add delay on operation to the devices? I mean the opposite of inching.When a device is trigered to be able to add a desired delay before it acts…

You can add a delay on a scene, would that not work for your use case?

Hi there, you can create a scene to achieve that. Review the tutorial here.

I know about the delay in scenes, but i don’t want to envolve cloud. It would be perfect if each device has its own delay. Somewhere here i have read about a plan that inching will improve with the option on or off, but i didnt notice if it was an official anouncement or a user proposal.

Hi there, actually adding Delay to the device would be a huge challenge to the chip. So far, we don’t think the chip capacity allows to add it in the device itself.

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We did plan to improve the inching mode, however, after the evaluation, we think the limitations of the hardware is a huge problem. Our goal was to enhance it in two ways.

Firstly, add inching ON to more devices. This is already available to many devices, however, as for some old devices, inching on cannot be added due to its hardware limitations.

Secondly, extend the inching off period. This could not the implimented also due to the chip capacity. As you know, the chip capacity is fixed, so adding more features will occupy its space, which might lead to the malfuction of other existing features.

Could you tell me in which devices is available the inching ON?

Hi there, please check the list below:

SwitchMan Smart Wall Switch
TH Elite
iPlug Wi-Fi Smart Plug
POW Elite

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