Connection problems

i need some help. I bought the NS Panel 86PB connected it to ZBMINI and the temperatur and humidity sensor. All worked perfectly when i tested. Mouted every thing in place. There are 4 places, a office and 3 big places. I connected the panel on the WiFi. Did not get a connection on the other devices. Moved the panel to a nother space, some of the devices got connected, switched the power on and off. Connection to all devices. But the manual regulation of the smart switch did not work only with schedual. Ok i can work with that. Maunted the panel back in to the office. Got no connection tonother devices. The devices are connected over Hub connection.

What can i do? Is the distance from one to the other to far? We have walls between the modules. Is the connection not set right? Do i need WiFi connection for it to work or no. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help.