Connect iHost devices to Alexa/GA via Node-Red

Hi guys. I am very new to Node-Red. Since iHost does not have native support for Alexa or Google Assistant, I am looking at options which connect iHost devices to Alexa/GA via Node-Red. I found one such service known as Sinric Pro.

Below is a link to how to use Sinric virtual devices in Node-Red.

This is what I want to do:

  1. Use voice command to turn on/off Sinric virtual device
  2. Connect this Sinric virtual device via node red to a zigbee switch in iHost
  3. This would enable voice control of Zigbee devices in iHost.

Can anyone who is an experienced Node-Red user help create this flow?

Thank You,

I am an experienced Node-RED user and would be happy to offer advice if you run into difficulties. Unfortunately, I do not use Alexa or Google Assistant, so I would not be able to do any of the actual development.

Thanks for offering your help.

I have since abandoned Sinric and currently planning to use Node-RED Google Assistant Bridge.

Below is my sequence


My switch in iHost is turning on. But not turning off.

Below is the documentation from Node-RED Google Assistant Bridge.

Can you tell me why I unable to turn off my switch?


That was quick progress. The first thing I would check is the message sent to turn off the switch. I would expect it to contain payload.params.on:false, but that’s just a guess.

I appreciate your prompt reply. Tried the following but it did not work. Did I follow your suggestion correctly?


OK. Since I can’t see inside your nodes or run them myself, I would suggest two things. First add debug nodes to the outputs of the switch node so that you can see exactly what the GA Bridge is sending. Then attach inject nodes to the inputs of the control-device nodes and try to construct messages that turn the switches on and off. Then, of course, get everything to match up.

I tried the following as per your suggestion:

Debug Node revealed the following:


Inject Nodes:

I was able to turn on the switch with the following command


I was able to turn off the switch with the following command


However, I was unable to turn on or turn off the switch with the following


Any further input?

Also please note the below from GA bridge documentation:

The debug node output looks like the params are booleans, not strings. So, in the switch node, try replacing the property = msg.payload.command with property = msg.payload.command.params.on and is true or is false.

Viola! It worked.

In the switch node: property = msg.payload.params.on and is true or is false successfully turned on and turned off the zigbee switch.

Thanks a lot for your help.

You’re welcome. Glad I could help.

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Thanks for sharing the name of this Node! I tried out this node and I have to say: What a great and fun node! I am now able to automate my Onkyo receiver that didn’t have any Google Assistant support, but does support sending special serial controls (EISCP) over the network with the help of an EISCP node. :sunglasses:

Great offer dr.
I am also new to node red and would like to understand how i can control all my ewelink devices on ihost using node red for devices on other network not accessible to ihost.
Can you give me a hint how to do it?
I already have node red run on ihost and access local ewelink devices.

The best way to currently expose cloud-based Ewelink devices to Node Red is via Homebridge.

  1. Install Homebridge addon
  2. Download Ewelink plugin for Homebridge
  3. Download Homebridge node in Node-Red.