Google Assistant bridge to node-red

Just adding the node-red-contrib-googlehome to the iHost Node Red Palette. It works fine. Basically the “Google Assistants” node that appears after the palette goes into a switch with the property “msg.payload.params.on” and if true it turns my eWeLink switch on or off depending on whether it is true or false.

Looking at the debug nodes it just looks like the msg.payload from the Google-Assitant-bridge is a JSON object.

However the other parameters available include “brightness:” and a value that looks like between 0 and 100. I could quite easily switch the value and then switch it on a bulb, presumably at msg.payload.params.brightness although haven’t tested it.

The eWeLink cube node for control-device seems like it a fixed value for brightness and colour. Any chance those those value could be passed to it in the msg.payload.params? Would save an awful lot of effort in creating switches. Believe there’s an Alexa equivalent to this in node Red but don’t have Alexa to test here.

Anyway this is quite easily bodged for free but it could be made way easier
if your control-device node could use the msg.payload to control brightness & colour

Edited to add: one of the basic nodes in Node-Red is called “switch”. Realised it could get confusing given the word is also used in programming. I’m doing this with zero programming targeted.