Chinese qr unbricking

I entered developer mode on nspanel pro
Then set as ZigBee router which restarted device and bricked it with Chinese QR

5x on / off results in the same Chinese screen

Has anyone had this and managed to resolve?
I’ve got a otg cable… Any use??



Did you enable adb/root that device? If so, there won’t be any way back.

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Let’s assume he did this and ran adb.root. After clicking 7 times and then accepting the conditions, the device became rooted and a record of this fact was created on the server. I have read the terms and conditions of rooting and think they are unfair. It should always and unconditionally be possible to return to the original software. After all, when you bought the device you also paid for the right to use it. It is something completely different to lose the manufacturer’s warranty when rooting.


It may be useful, but it’s going to be complicated. In my view, restoring is rather definitely impossible to accomplish on your own, as @ward stated. You may want to read this by blakadder.

I did indeed, because I want to use home assistant on the hardware.
It’s not environmentally acceptable to mean all that hardware is now ready for landfill!?!? There must be a way to put the original firmware on it/reinstate the licence on your server?
I was hoping to buy 10 of these to use around the house. I’m not going to take the risk of this can’t be reset…

The warning is pretty clear about the risks of rooting. They don’t lock the device, but they do allow users to install third-party software - seems fair to me.

This also applies to phones, once you root an Android phone, regardless of the brand, you’re saying goodbye to your warranty. In some cases, even unlocking the bootloader can void it.

I’m not bothered about a warranty… I just expect to be able to connect to the USB via ADB / OTG cable and easily put whatever firmware back on it and reboot. Otherwise it’s just ewaste…

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