Cast is dead

Some CSS problem?

Did you check the internet connection? what about opening other websites?
please help to capture some logs refer to this: Finding Your Browser's Developer Console | Balsamiq


in your screenshot the version is 1.4.2 , while the latest version is 1.4.3 , please try to refresh (shift+F5) or try another web broswer to re-login
If you’re available now, go to Facebook eWeLink
send message and ask for Teki, I’ll be there for instant help

Cast not running in italy…please help me!!!

did you try to refresh or re-login? what device do you use?

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Hello, hi use cast in a fixed tablet, in samsung halaxy A series and in a iphone xs and for creste my dashboars use cast in chromebook Hp…:frowning: in this moment i have not see nothing…

After refresh…

please help to capture some logs on your chromebook refer to this: Finding Your Browser's Developer Console | Balsamiq

thank you

Hi, yesterday we updated to fix a bug on weather widget, can you please try to disable the weather widget on settings page to see if the dashboard come back?

Now running…thank you!!!

It may be a problem caused by the server cache, please confirm whether Cast is back to normal


I beg you to excuse me but I only read the message now, fortunately everything works correctly and I thank you for being so prompt in solving the problem. I like cast, and I’m very happy with your continuous updates.

i have a tablet, predisposed precisely to view, constantly cast. the effect at home is gorgeous, i have 30 evelink sensors and i’m upgrading my cellar and my garage. all my home automation is sonoff.