Cast for Web is oversized starting from today (14 Dec 2023)

Starting from today I have issues with Cast for Web, it is looking oversized and it is not because I zoomed the page.
I have tried on 3 different browsers and 2 different computers, same issue.

Can somebody check this and let me know if it if a general issue?
I have attached a printscreen, as you can see I have also 2 scroll bars, one inside the cast and one from the browser itself.

Perhaps the dimensions have changed slightly… Or the page scaling in relation to the resolution has deteriorated.

The only thing you can do quickly is to change the cast arrangement…

If someone doesn’t have as many elements as you, they won’t be able to scroll. You have more items that do not fit in the window size at a given resolution. Something has probably changed slightly on the ewelink side.

If you change the layout to more horizontal than vertical, it should improve.

Release Notes
V 3.0 [2023.12.13]

[New Features]

More device types are supported now.

Creating scenes with more device types is supported now.

Viewing Scene Logs is supported now.

Adjusting the size of tiles for sensors is supported for creating a more customized CAST dashboard.


Fixed some known issues

Well, from my side nothing has changed, same computer, same resolution, same tiles in cast, same position.
Regarding the layout, there is no posibility to modify the layout on horizontal to have more than 6 small devices, max number of devices on horizontal is fixed.

I mean look at the cast window from the config panel and take a look also at how the page looks in reality.
The name is huge, the entire page is huge, I’m speaking about more than 20% increase in size. Zooming out it does not help at all.

Because of that double scroll bar I cannot scroll the page also …

Same problem here. Suddenly everything is much bigger and less user-friendly

Both of you, it’s best to report this bug through the official communication channel.

in eWeLink CAST version v2.6 we made some changes to adapt to larger screens, when width is over 1440px, the UI will be enlarged proportionally.
We’ll change this to 1920px and release a fix soon, sorry for the trouble caused.


Issue was solved for me, I think the fix was released some time ago, thanks :+1: