Can't use 128 Gb Micro SD Card in Slim Cam

Hi all.
I’m trying to use a 128 Gb Micro SD Card in my Slim Cam but can’t make it work.

I’ve formatted the Micro SD Card selecting exFAT option and when I’ve placed in the Slim Cam I got the bellow error:

I’ve selected format Micro SD Card and after formatting I got the bellow error:

This Micro SD Card has been tested in a laptop and in a Samsung Camera and it’s working just fine.

I’ve done the same thing with a 64 GB Micro SD Card and it worked fine.
Does anyone know why?

The 128 Gb Micro SD Card is this one: Kingston

Far from i know, there haven’t restrictions about TF card capacity, but some of our users have reported that some of the card have compatible issue especially they have been used in some electronic devices, like phones, photo cameras, etc, mostly because the data haven’t been erased completely.
Please try to erase and format it by some dedicated tools like, [SD Memory Card Formatter], and format the card with FAT32, let me know how’s going.

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