Can’t find any devices when pairing

If you can’t find any devices when pairing, please check the following situations one by one.

  1. If you have installed any mobile security APP such as Mobile Manager or Mobile Safe Assistant, this kind of APPs may have prohibited some permissions of eWeLink. Sometimes the system will even prompt a security warning, thus it leads to a failure.
  2. To solve it, please access to this kind of App, make eWeLink as your trusted App, enter the permission settings, and allow all eWeLink permissions.
  3. Your device is too far away from the router, take it closer and retry.
  4. Check if the device has auto-exited pairing mode in the pairing process.
  5. Try to pair with another WiFi network.
  6. Try to pair with another phone.
  7. Power off the device and power it on again, then try the methods below based on how the led blinks.
  • If your model’s pairing led fast steadily blinks.
    Please go to Phone Settings–>Wi-Fi, find the WiFi starts with ITEAD ( ITEAD-10000XXXX), enter the password 12345678. If you failed to find ( ITEAD-10000XXXX) or when you enter the password, it says “Wrong Password”, your model may have a hardware problem, please contact seller for help.

  • If your model’s pairing led fast blinks 3 times and repeats.
    Please check if you have enabled “Wireless network internal isolation”. Enabling it will cause the App can’t access the device and failed to search the device. Please disable it.

  • If you are using GSM model(like Sonoff G1, Sonoff G2)
    When you scan the QR code of the model, if it displays “Invalid QR code”, please take a photo of the QR code, and enlarge it on your computer to scan it. Please make sure the product is an “eWeLink Support” device.