Basic r4 damage

i connect 4 led downlight 18w each to basicr4 yesterday. today it does not work any more. damage.

i thought r4 should able to take up to 100w?

What specifically has happened?

dont know.
i just install basic r4 with 4 of that 18w led yesterday

today morning. it just cannot turn on. i disconnect r4 and direct conect to the light, it can turn on. i also noticed my normal wall switch damage too. it cannot be turn off.

i tested r4 and confirm it damage. no led and no current at the out point

It appears that there was a short circuit. The Sonoff Basic has an internal fuse which is a one-time trip.

replaceble fuse? and do basic r4 need to use with capacitor? previously i use capacitor for single led. i forgot to add capacitor when using 4 led

The fuse is soldered in. Replacement requires soldering. Do not try to replace with a wire!
BASIC R4 does not require a capacitor as it has a full power supply. Therefore it is also suitable for controlling e.g. heating appliances. The use of a capacitor is unnecessary.
The lamps you show in the picture are cheap so are unlikely to contain a voltage converter or any reasonable power supply stage. They can make quite a mess.

thanks. just wondering it takes one whole night for the r4 fius to burn while the leds previously, didnot burn or triped all this while🤔

I have several BASIC devices. Nothing like this has happened with any of them for many months. It is difficult to say what happened to your device. It could have been a coincidence. Fortunately it is not an expensive device. Get a new one. Check the installation thoroughly before connecting it, and ensure that the ends of the wires are properly worked (e.g. tinned).