B02-F-ST64 connection issues after router change


I’ve read some similar topics here about this, but my case is a bit different.

So, I have 5 B02-F-ST64 bulbs in my living room (all in the same room). It was all working really well; I could control it via Alexa, and it had no connection issues. At that time, I had 4G internet at home with the ZTE MF286 router (ZTE MF286 4G LTE Category 6 Portable Wireless Router/CPE for Sale). The router was in the same room, but sometimes I took it to my village, and once I’m back, I connect it anywhere because I’m too lazy to get it to the proper location. Even when the router was about 7 meters and 2 walls away, I could control my lights.

3 months ago, I switched from 4G to fiber optics, and they also gave me a new router. It’s not in the same room, but very near the living room entrance, and there are no walls blocking it. Now, my lamps are acting really weird; they disconnect from it very casually. Sometimes all at the same time, sometimes only some of them. I bought myself a WIFI repeater and connected it as close to the bulbs as possible; however, it’s no help at all. The issue is the same (however, repeater settings show that bulbs are connected, while ewelink says it’s not).

What could be the issue here? Should I just buy myself the cheapest 4G router and sim card? I am too tired of this; it’s too much hassle to turn off 5 lights manually every night. I want to control it with my voice like I used to do.

Many thanks!


It looks very much like a router issue as you mentioned it happened after you got a new one.

Is it possible to access the backend of it? If so, change the channel and see if it would work.

Also, a Wi-Fi repeater may make things complex and worse, please try to do this without that repeater first.


Thank you for your reply. Do you mean I need to separate 2,4 and 5 channels? I already did that, however, I still have not connected 2,4 to bulbs, I only disconnected my TV, PS, iPhone and MAC from 2,4. Repeater is connected to 2,4 network and then bulbs connected to repeater. So I need to reset bulbs and connect it to my main 2,4 network?

Or you meant create a completely new channel for bulbs?