Any idea how can i connect eWeLink to SOLARMAN business

i need to get data from solarman business and use it to control scenes in ewelink
anyone can help?

What is solarman business?

it’s a solar system monitoring application

Have you try to find a integration of solarman in IFTTT?
If they have such a integration, you can connect it with eWeLink by using IFTTT.

how do i do that

Seems solarman doesn’t work with IFTTT or third party platform like Google/Alexa, thus no easy way to achieve your goal.
And seems it has an intergration in Home Assistant, maybe you could connect solarman and eWeLink devices in HA and create automations. (not 100% sure)

how do i connect ewelink and solarman to HA?
do u have recommended steps to follow plz?

Existen integraciones de Solarman con Home Assistant, y eWelink también se puede integrar con Home Assistant. Puedes integrar ambas en Home Assistant y como bien ya han apuntado, en Home Assistant puedes hacer escenas e interactuar Solarman con los dispositivos de eWelink.

como hacerlo