All sensore DW2 wi-fi offline!

in Spain.

Same in france

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DW2 WIFI he never offered me Upgrade FW. I have 1000.2.295

Same here, Portugal

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Same problem with 9 devices in different locations!
Please fix the problem!

Apparently the problem is with the old ones?

Same here in Greece, please fix this asap.

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Same in Spain. I have 16 sensors in 4 homes. All are down even if i deleted and install again it not work.

Same in Bosnia. All DW2 wifi door sensors are dead. Please fix it.

I have DW2 wifi not working, and i have the DW2 L
Ist working till yesterday not possible to update.
Today now i make update sucssed

also here in Italy, Milan, connected to the router but not to the server

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Same problem in Italy (Rome) it starts the 25/2. Indeed… The new version works properly… please fix the issue!

I hope they will work on it, because the problem is multi-scale! We got calls from different places about the same problem!

Some here in Portugal and I can see this is a worldwide problem.
Yesterday I’ve spent a lot of time reseting my DW2 and my router, changing
batteries and my conclusion was that the device was broken…
Now I can see that there is other problem.
Let’s see what SONOFF can do to solve this issue.
Thank You


Same in Croatia. I have lost 3 hours trying to reinstall the sensors, change batteries, change router settings, and finally search google to find this post. So, we can only be patient until ewelink fixed this issue.

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I’ve same problem sonoff DW2 door sensor can’t connect to cloud.
Also other device have delay of many second to send command for on or off, like sonoff mini and 4ch pro
One year ago same things

Looking to this problem we’re facing with the DW2 sensor, I was overthinking that, If one day SONOFF shutsdown or have a blackout for a few days, all our equipments stop working?

I hope that this never happens and wish all the best to my favorite brand!!!

But am I right in what I’m saying?
Or this glitch in the DW2 has nothing to do to what I’ve wrote?

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And I relied a lot on the brand because it worked well and we did a lot of automation that is with their devices. But the worst thing is that there is no response from them. At least write something, whatever. For example: - We are working on the problem! I’m going to wait a little while longer and get rid of all their devices, never mind that it will cost us a fortune to switch to another brand!


lol me too but iam stuck from 2 days :smiley: Egypt

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