All sensore DW2 wi-fi offline!

Hi all, Why have all the DW2 wi-fi sensors gone offline and only emit two quick flashes?? even trying to replace the batteries and redo the pairing, they remain stuck. You can’t even blame the connection, as I have 6 sensors divided into two different homes. Please fix the problem quickly!!


Same probleme here in Germany.


I have all sensorDW2 OFFLINE pls help


Same in Czech…


Same in Greece


Same in Ukraine


Same in Portugal.

There are two tipes of this wifi sensors:

  • dw2-wi-fi (all offline but connected to the router)
  • dw2-wi-fi-L (all working fine)

Save in the UK…, the only URL requested by the sensor is Navigating to this URL get you this :

Welcome to OpenResty!
If you see this page, the OpenResty web platform is successfully installed and working. Further configuration is required.

For online documentation and support please refer to
Commercial support is available at

Thank you for flying OpenResty.

Which does not fill me with confidence…

I have the Same problem

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Same in Italy, all my sensor are offline!


Same problem in Serbia from yesterday

The same in Poland since yesterday.

Same problem in South Africa

EWeLink when will this issue be resolved ?

Same in Hungary

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All my devices DW2 WIFI they are offline. Thay flash 2x / s. No conect to server!

There are two tipes of this wifi sensors:

  • dw2-wi-fi (all offline but connected to the router) and in two different houses

  • dw2-wi-fi-L (all working with version 100.2.1122, but they fail to update to version 100.2.1130.
    The fault lies in the connection to the ewelink server. Urgent solution. Thank you.

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DW2-Wi-fi-L is working with 1000.2.1130 firmware in Hungary.

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I have some DW2-wifi-L already running well last version 1000.2.1130.

A couple days ago I bought four new that came with the version 1000.1.1122 and can’t complete upgrade with anyone of them since yesterday middle afternoon (GMT+0).

Same problem in Spain :frowning:

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