All-in-one sensor support for iHost/CUBE

I’d like to use a multi sensor like OWON PIR_313-A (movement/temp/humidity/luminosity). Right now I paired a device but is is seen as movement detector only, notemp/humidify/lumonisity. How can I improve that ?


Thx for the feedback!

We are preparing a new feature, allowing iHost to expose all supported entities from Zigbee devices in UI. As of now, such all-in-one sensors won’t work as expected.

See the manual and observe page 4. Try swapping DIP switch 4 position and hope for the best. Note that changes made with the switch are effective only after you re-pair the sensor. They’re not affective right away. There’s nothing else you can do.

Which manual are you talking about ? I only see and说明书-iHost-V1.0.pdf - no mention for DIP switches ?

Nice, when is it supposed to come ? is there a way to help.test ?

Thx for your kind offer,

We will keep you updated once we have it prepared for the pilot test :slightly_smiling_face:

The manual for your OWON PIR_313-A I’m talking about. Don’t you have it? See here.

Ok, strangely enough I removed the batteries and saw no DIP switch… strange. So thanks for the idea but it’s a dead en unfortunatley

Take a better look. It’s very tiny :slight_smile:

Well, it must be micro-tiny then :

Very :smile:

Your make is different then. I’m sorry.

Actually, it seems to be more or less functional already… See the log for this sensor :

Only the luminance part is really missing. But how do I get the iHost consider it is not only motin detector, but temp and humidity as well ? Is there a file I could update with the file browser ?

You can’t do this. There’s no way to change it by yourself.


It is not supported yet.

A workaround would be Node-Red, where you can use event-state to subscribe to its state changes and make a filter to split it up.

Hey great idea ! And I could register a dual temp/humidity sensor to send back to the gui !

You can. Probably.

Well, no luck. The configuration of the event-state node allows to filter which state change you want (Battery/Detect/RSSI) or get All :

But even with “all”, I don’t get the events I aim (temp/humidity, not to mention luminosity) :


Only RSSI get through (and motion of course)