Adding HD IOT Camera

Hi i have a HD IOT camera can i add it to my device list?

Hi John, did you mean adding the camera to the device list on your eWeLink App? May I know the brand name of the HD IOT camera you have? Or a product link is much appreciated. Thanks

Hi peter, thanks for coming back to me,

The Camera appears to be unbranded; it has 2 buttons on the left is the reset button.

The other is the on off button

however, the QR on the instruction leaflet enabled the search for the application

The application opened and I was able to discover the ID of the device (“BAT etc.)

I did get it working (once on my iphone) in the application, (when the indicator was flashing at a high rate)

however, I want able to discover the cam on eWeLink which is usually most versatile/compatible with most devices.

I can see the “BAT etc. “in my Wi-Fi config, however eWeLink can’t seem to discover it?

(Sound pairing won’t respond)

( I can’t seem to get the cam to reset with the button or within the HDIOT application).

(Maybe the application should be renamed IDIOT?)

There are several sites where a “similar” applications can be found


Maybe you can advise me?



Hi John, thanks for more details. Did you notice if there is any eWeLink logo on the package? Generally speaking, if this camera supports to be added to eWeLink, there will be an eWeLink App logo on the package. If you only found the HD IOT camera App, it may only support to be added to this HD IOT App. Btw, if you met any other issues with this camera, maybe you can contact the seller for help:)

Look for “little stars” app in the store.