【Add-on Guide】WatchYourLAN - Lightweight network IP scanner with web GUI


iHost is capable of running a WatchYourLAN server, which provides a network IP scanner for your LAN.
Docker image link here.

Here is how:

  1. Create a volume named watchyourlan or similar.

  2. In the add-on list, search for aceberg/watchyourlan and add it to your local list.

  3. After adding it, go to Docker Add-on List and click Run.

  4. As Optional settings:
    Network: host
    Host volume: watchyourlan, or whatever you created in step (1)
    Add-on volume: /data
    Environment variables:
    TZ=your preferable timezone (see TZ identifier here)

  5. (Optional) On filebrowser/filebrowser add-on, map the watchyourlan volume to a browse-able folder.
    With that, you can change settings directly in the config.yaml file, although you can use the GUI for that.

  6. You should be able to access WatchYourLAN web GUI on http://[ihost]:8840 (e.g.
    Go to Config tab, change these and save:
    Interfaces: eth0
    Host: iHost IP (e.g.

That’s it. WatchYourLAN should start identifying all your LAN devices.