A handful of hardware ideas

Some hardware suggestions:

  1. R5 scene controller - Zigbee version.
  2. R5 scene controller - a variety with fewer channels. There are locations and situations where 6 buttons cause confusion.
  3. Zigbee controller with dimming and color temperature changing capabilities.
  4. Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor - an expanded version of the SNZB-02D with a larger screen (preferably of the Digital Ink type) backlit on demand; with the ability to display the time, date, and readings from an external sensor.
  5. Dimmable driver with built-in switch for LED strips with the ability to change the output voltage (e.g. 12/24V).

In addition to number 4: an outdoor Zigbee temperature and humidity sensor. Then the values of that version can be displayed on the Zigbee display temperature sensor you describe.

Other Zigbee outdoor devices would be great too. Especially for weather measurements. Like measure rain, wind, pressure, power of the sun, etc.
But Zigbee outdoor plugs, lights, etc. would be great too. The focus is to much on indoor only.


Yes, outdoor sensors make sense :slight_smile:

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We also need

  1. 4/8 channel Zigbee + WIFI Relay Like 4 Channel Pro
  2. Zigbee Wall Switch 1/2/3 Gang.
  3. Wall Socket and Dimmer Style Same as Switch.
  4. Built in Cube Support in Host.
  5. NS Panel Pro Style Table Top or Large Wall Touch Display IHost Scene and Advance Cast Support