A combination of Inching and Interlock

I don’t know if this is hardware or firmware only context, but I would like to check with your Ewelink support tem.

For Touch T0/3 with 2 or 3 switches, or for 4CHR3 with or w/out PRO, or for Dual R3, it would be really beneficial to have the ability to have an Inching mode with the option to set the timer for each of them, but also to embed an Interlock mode so only one of the switches can be active at the time.

With this approach, it would prevent motors (curtains/blinds) to burn down, but it will allow the ability not to hold the switch level indefinitely.

A bonus would be to add a level value stored inside the device of the percentage ratio where the execution is stopped at a particular moment. E.g. to control how much the blinds or curtains are open!

when you using the Interlock mode, you will find the device will reboott and all timer and schedule is disable in Interlock mode - so now we can not make the Inching funcion work when in Interlock mode. :rofl: