Zigbee sensor is far away from the bridge

Hi, Please if you have idea for, I want to add a Zigbee sensor but it is far away and the signal cannot reach iHost - what is the best way to do it? Shall I add a ZBMINI or S26R2ZB as a range extender in the middle way? Which is better (ZBMINI or S26R2ZB), and is there is another way?

Also, what is the method that should be done - the sensor is added (pairing) in the place where it will be fixed on it, or close to the (ZBMINI or S26R2ZB) or close to the iHost?

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Any device that can serve as a router is good, provided it’s connected to one coordinator. Proximity to end device and/or coordinator is relevant and depends on many factors. Pairing can be done anywhere within the range of your ZigBee network. Of course, a router (extender) must be connected beforehand. In case of pairing trouble, take your sensor close to iHost. Mine paired fine despite of not being close to each other.

Thanks, If I change my WiFi network to use TP-Link Deco M9 Plus Mesh WiFi, it have ZigBee HA 1.2 can its working as ZigBee range extender for my SONOFF Zigbee sensors?


I don’t believe so. Firstly, Deco is a ZigBee coordinator that is focused on TP-Link range of products. It may pair with Sonoff sensors, but they are not on the official list. The specification doesn’t say a word on how ZigBee network is handled among Deco devices. The set is ridiculously expensive and in case of any change in your home automation, you’re stuck with it. Don’t go into it.