Z-wave integration

Hi guys

I’ve been looking at ihost lately (I’m tired of smartthings) but I see ihost doesn’t have z-wave radio. Since I do have a few z-wave things (locks, keypads, remotes), it would not make sense cost wise to leave it behind ans switch the devices. Is there a way to integrate z wave functionality through a USB zwave dongle that’s on ihost?

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I’ve been able to add z-wave devices by syncing SmartThings with eWeLink. This has required me to use the NSpanel Pro more than the iHost. Z-wave fan controller and Samsung SmartThings button doesn’t work. The dimmer and switches do.

I’ve also added iHost as matter bridge to HomeKit, SmartThings and Alexa.

I’ve tested the home bridge dock which will bring all SmartThings over to HomeKit. HomeKit would be ideal to control it all but it works horrible with rgbw lights and automated routines.

Alexa can control it all without issues until network goes down.

NSpanel pro seems to work really well except I have to restart the panel once in awhile. Until I figure out how to create virtual matter switches, I use sonoff physical switches as virtual switches to get Tuya and wifi devices to work with the NSpanel pro.

In the end……. I’ll probably just put the z-wave switches back on my ring z-wave hub and just use it for the security routines and let Alexa handle that. The rest zigbee and sonoff devices that work with NSpanel pro. NSpanel pro devices will sync into iHost.