Where is v5.4? Lost in action?

@StephenJ Where is the v.5.4 app for Android?
For some time now, a cheerful message has been displayed that it is available. But where?

eWeLink App version 5.4 has been submitted to the Google Play Store and it will be accessible gradually. Perhaps you may need to wait a little while for the update to appear. Thank you for your patience!


Are u using the Play Store? Which region is set for your Google Account? It may arrive a little bit slower in some regions.

I have upgraded to this version on Mar. 11.

It arrived just minutes ago. My post did some magic :sunglasses:

Gandalf of eWeLink :mage:

Indeed :sparkles:

I see that you have removed the annoying decorative banner from the Gateway screen of NSPanel Pro. Finally, you can browse the device list comfortably. Now it’s time for the banner from the NSPanel Pro Configuration screen and maybe slightly lower/smaller tiles. Or to add a view toggle like on the Home screen.