What is eWeLink

What is eWeLink

eWeLink is a smart home assistant app for users worldwide, based on the global eWeLink AIoT platform, serving 20 million registered users from 170 countries.

As of now, there have been over 2000 manufacturers and 20 million smart devices connected with eWeLink Cloud platform, forming the eWeLink Support ecosystem.

These eWeLink Support ecosystem products are all configured and controlled in eWeLink app, achieving cross-brand and cross-category interaction.

If you find an‘eWeLink Support’ label on the package of a smart device, then you know it works with all other eWeLink Support products in your house.

The mission of the eWeLink Support ecosystem is to work with everything. We are committed to breaking down barriers, to work with everything. So far eWeLink AIoT platform has been working with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Yandex Alice, AliGenie, DuerOS, Mi Home, IFTTT and many other voice AI platforms. All eWeLink Support products can be linked with the above-mentioned platforms and be accessed by all these platforms through connection with eWeLink.

If you expect us to work with any other platform we don’t support now, please send feedback to let us know.

eWeLink Support products covers home appliances, electricians, lighting devices, security, sensors and many other fields. There are over 100 categories of smart products. By combining and automating all sorts of eWeLink support products, eWeLink can satisfy your diversified demands, from smart home, garden irrigation to property management.

eWeLink is neither a hardware brand nor a device manufacturer, so eWeLink doesn’t produce or sell any smart hardware under the eWeLink brand. None of the products you buy or use in the app is made or sold by eWeLink.