What does "Works with everything" mean?

I have several light switches and a smart plug - all WiFi devices that can pair with Bluetooth. I believe they have Tuya innards, but are marketed in Australia by Deta and Arlec as “Grid Connect” devices.
I believed that “Works with everything” actually meant just that. But I can’t get these devices to be even seen by EweLink… what gives?
I’ve got some ZigBee sensors and they work fine with my Sonoff iHost. I can also see an old Tuya mini switch on my garden waterpump on EweLink… and have migrated that to iHost.
Now I want to migrate the light switches and Smart Plug and it “Works with nothing”…

Marketing BS… nothing more. More doesn’t work than works, unfortunately you always have to check compatibility.

Actually, it could mean anything the marketing guy had the imagination to come up with. Something like a photo with the caption ‘I’m the sexiest in my neighbourhood’.


You can use alternatives like Node-Red to bridge Tuya and iHost up and even expose them to Matter.

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Works with everything with a little help from Node-Red and friends :cyclone: :sunglasses: