VHF Radio link for Sonoff Alarm


In South Africa, we link our alarms to a central control room, being our paid for armed response company.

Our current alarms send this via a radio link.

I have spoken with my armed response company and they have to have the radio, not an SMS, Not an Email etc…

How can this be added to a Sonoff system?

For example the Ajax smart alarm has this ability with a add on VHF unit.

sonoff cannot be compared to a professional alarm system. if you want security, you should go for a real alarm system. ajax or honeywell galaxy

It could if it had that!

I think someone has to make a dedicated radio capture/transmitter for your alarm system, to convert the signal and integrated it to eWeLink system.

Yes, that’s exactly what I need…any boffs out there that could make it? I’m not that technically capable.

you can use an iristouch 220ng. I use this for my honeywell alarm system. the iristouch has 4 programmable inputs and also 3 outputs. you can use a trigger as an input switch on the iristouch. (put a relay in between)

I spoke with a technical specialist @ ADT security.

All he says, in order for the usual radio link to be triggered is a 5v pulse to either 1 of 3 communication ports on the radio transmitter.


I’ve put together 2 X SV boards (independant signal out for Alarm in Alarm and Panic Alarm) in a box and a test eWelink account set up with both SV cards, set on itching, as he says the trigger need not be longer than 1.5 seconds…

Is that not a better solution?

The IRIS is R20 000.

This is potentially a R500 solution.

I’ll revert back after he’s tested today or tomorrow.

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