Using HTTPS for the web interface

I understand many home users would not care about using https for their iHome, so I am perfectly fine to keep the default as http, but it’s getting more and more common that https is a requirement (see I got v1.6.0 and it seems to not have any method of using https.

Thus it would be nice to enable https. All it needs is to be able to upload a certificate, or the iHost creates a certificate and presents the CSR, which I can get signed, and then I can upload the signed certificate.

As a simple example how to implement it, look at RouterOS from Mikrotik: upload the private key file and the certificate, and enable https.

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This is already in the works - due to be completed in September


Oh, that’s nice to know. Is there a roadmap what is in the works for upcoming releases? All I know is from which has a roadmap. Is there a more detailed one what’s in progress or what is planned to be delivered in the near future?

@Alexie do you have an update about getting the https feature?
September has gone :slight_smile: