iHost hidden features

It is a bit like an easter egg hunt.
In the ewelink app go to iHost. Choose … in upper right corner (device settings).
Tap 7x on device-id. You will be asked if you want to enter MaskROM mode.

Question for the officials: Is that an option that will lead to a permanent loss of the official firmware? Or is it safe to play around?

After enable MaskROM mode, you will lose your warranty (When you do, a dialog box will pop up informing you of the risks and letting you choose whether to continue). The device will go into MaskROM mode and you can use the falsh tool provided by Rockchip to refalsh your own built system for it - The eWeLink CUBE system will be overwritten and lost, and cannot be recovered.

Of course, we can’t provide any information or help on this area. I’m sure there are some geeks out there who are already working on and trying to build their own systems, so let’s wait and see.

Thanks, @Alexie
Of course this is the rabbit’s hole and this path is not official and nobody can expect support. I myself am hoping for a way to use Home Assistant in a docker, but also with ssh access, so it is less limited. Just using the hardware would be my last resort…
I also have several NSPanels Pro. Some with sideloaded apps (voided warranty) and some with the official firmware. Those are linked with the hope for future functions.

Although I am not familiar with Home Assistant, I think if Home Assistant can be installed on ihost through Docker Hub, and this Home Assistant docker supports SSH access , then accessing this docker via SSH should be possible.

That would be great for me. I too am not yet all familiar with Home Assistant and currently switching from iobroker. To my knowledge there is a terminal/ssh add-on. But add-ons are not supported in the Docker version of HA. And there is no restore function. In order to provide some functionality for HA in a Docker, ssh access would be needed (i.e. to be able to edit configuration.yaml files).
Even just providing a bash prompt in a Docker container could be very helpful.

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