Trying to install a database addon in iHost. Not getting it

I am trying to install a database in the iHost to store sensors data. I have tried InfluxDB, Mysql, sqlite and nothing.
For example, I installed Influxdb addon, then I click Run, at first it is green Running, it should be working. Since the iHost does not have a command line like the raspberry, Influx has a web interface from where you can create the database, assign the username and password, etc., but when I open the IP with its corresponding port it does not load that interface, it returns error 404 It does not exist. However, with node red addon and ewelink addon, openning their corresponding ip+port in the browser, their web interfaces load and work perfectly.

I don’t know what to do because there is no documentation on the internet about how to install the addons on the iHost.
Does anyone control anything about this thing?

Make sure that the docker you are installing supports ARM V7, at least the latest influxdb does not currently - you will need to wait for the official release of the latest ARM V7 version

The name of the docker is arm32v7/influxdb. It´s the unique addon that installs, other addons fail to install, for example mysql, I was unable to install it.

The addon says “running” but I´m sure that some parameters are needed when installing it. The web interface fails too, so I´m doing something wrong.


what parameters you need to fill when install it ? In the advanced Settings we provide some parameters that you can fill in. But we don’t know what additional parameters do you need

and you can try change some config files via filebrowser

The version of influxdb that is armv7 compatible is version 1.x. This version does not come with UI.

You should use chronograf in another container to have the UI


I would like to get a full (step-by-step) description, how to install a database addon in iHost.
This topic is incomplete. :slightly_frowning_face:

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may I ask which DB you want to install and what’s the goal you wanna achieve?

Example mariadb and phpmyadmin.
(But it doesn’t matter.)

I would like store same simple statistics and switches states data.

The two are common db, won’t the official docker installation guide work on iHost?

I haven’t found a working guide yet.
The guides use terminal command line usually, but CLI doesn’t exists on iHost.