InfluxDB fail to install

I can’t instal influxDB in my cube. install starts and stops in secconds…

eWeLink CUBE Version 1.10.1

I’ve have the same problem with influxes add-on. is there any way to install db - for home assistant purpose. except the fact that “supervisor” store is not available yet?

The system is not designed to install home assistant, so it may not be able to implement many of your home assistant requirements.

If you want to run HA on iHost hardware, you can also try this:"Sonoff iHost" (smart home hub/computer) from ITead - Can it be hacked to run Home Assistant OS with Bluetooth, Thread/Matter, and ZHA integrations? - #91 by darkxst - Hardware - Home Assistant Community

I don’t need HA. I just need InfluxDB, a simple docker add-on…simple

We are also not familiar with InfluxDB, are you sure this docker has been compiled for ARM platform? If not, it really won’t run on an ARM device

I have the same problem.
And yes it is compiled for ARM, this is the link:

Hi, InfluxDB Official Images currently not support armv7 in latest tag.

But iHost will automatically install latest tag. Im sorry that you can only wait for official updates.

You guys need to create your own influxdb armv7 compatible with latest tag.

I created a one but I advise that you guys use your one: zimbres/influxdb-1.8.10

Steps to create your own container:

Install Docker / Create a Docker Hub account / Login to this account
If using Windows, use git bash shell


export DOCKER_DEFAULT_PLATFORM=linux/arm/v7
docker pull influxdb:1.8.10
docker image tag influxdb:1.8.10 yourusername/influxdb-1.8.10
docker image push yourusername/influxdb-1.8.10

Then, use this image in iHost

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