【Feature Request】All-in-one list for eWeLink Cube add-ons

Dear iHost & eWelink Cube Team,

As a newcomer to iHost, I am intrigued by the gadget full of potential and surprise. During my exploration of add-ons, I found the process of locating those expressly designed for Cube to be somewhat disorganized.

I understand that the prefix “XXX2Cube” commonly identifies these add-ons; however, they seem to be haphazardly mixed in with all images hosted on DockerHub.

Unfortunately, DockerHub’s search capabilities leave much to be desired. For instance, a search for “2Cube” barely gave me a thing.

Given these issues, might I suggest considering a centralized management of all add-ons? Furthermore, including the option for users to select versions could greatly enhance the experience.

Not only would this facilitate a user-friendly selection process, it could also significantly improve accessibility. These improvements could potentially pave the way for a more user-friendly and effective add-on management system.


Thank you very much for your advice. We are thinking of creating a special Addon list post where we can post the various Addons we have verified so that new users can quickly find the Addons they need