Supported fire detectors

Thank you for the information which fire detectors are supported in EWELINK V4.30. Thank you very much for the experience.

Hi there, there is an alternative detector called smoke detector which is an eWeLink supported device. It’s available on Check it out and let us know if you have any other questions.

I can only find smoke detectors not heat detectors

Why don’t you just use a tempeature sensor like this one?

Heat detectors measure rate of rise and are a lot more technical than just a temperature sensor

Are any Carbon Monoxide alarms compatible with eWeLink? Maybe a Zigbee one that connects to an iHost? (I have an iHost already)

For example this:
€ 34,01 15% Off | Heiman Zigbee 3.0 Carbon Monoxide Detector CO Gas Alarm Sensor Compatible With Zigbee2mqtt and Home Assitant and Ziptao Gateway
It says it is compatible with the Sonoff USB and Home Assistant. I assume this means the dongle P or E. I believe the iHost has the same Zigbee chip as one of the dongles. They also say several times it is Zigbee 3.0.

If my temperature sensor triggers at 50° C, then I can assume that something is wrong in the room and I should check. I don’t care if the temperature has risen slowly or not.

When the room is so hot, it will be too late to solve anything, the fire detector must react to smoke.

Heat detectors are used in kitchens, not smoke detectors. Rate of rise is used because it does not just measure high temperature :+1: