Suggestion: Motor automation, ona way only

Hello there.

I am wondering about possible feature for Dual Relay for motor blinds control.

Case: I have scene, automations:

  • with sunset, set blinds to 20%.

Thats awesome, but logically failing is special ocasion. If I need sleep after night shift, I ll manually blind to 0%. But when sunset come, automation will raise shades to 20% as it is set.

Here would be awesome to have an option:

  • with sunset, set shades to 20% (advanced mode: go DOWN/UP/ANY)

What you think? I think that this would be great adition and also easy to implement as you got all parameters you need)

Cheers Tom

Hello sir, just to clarify, are you requesting the feature that allows users can create a scene where a trigger (in this case, sunset) would cause a specific action (in this case, opening dual relays by 20%)? If so, I think the eWeLink app already has a feature that allows users to set a trigger based on sunrise/sunset.

I am using this feature.
The problem is:

  • Sunset: Set shades to 50 %.
    BUT I today I am watching movie, so I put shades manually to 0%.
    Application will still RAISE the shades to 50%.

The suggestion is to LIMIT the way of automation. Example:

  • Sunset: Set shades to 50% DOWN ONLY. (Do not raise, when lower then 50%)