Sonoff TX Ultimate with 3 Way Light

Hello, I want to change a three way classical switch, with a TX Ultimate (in just one electric wall box i have the Neutral) and to keep the 2 of classical ones.
Would be this possible?
I attached the photo for a better understanding

It doesn’t make your idea to be understood any better :slight_smile:
Give more details. Ideally with a blueprint of your desired outcome.

What i want is to replace the classical switch from left side with a Sonoff Tx Ultimate.
In same time, i want to keep the possibility to have a 3 way mode, so i can use the other 2 classical switch marked with the arrow, in order to on/off the light in the room

Sorry, I don’t get it.

i don’t get what you don’t get … i explained as simple: i have 3 classical switches acting as 3 way … and i want to replace ONE of them with a sonoff tx ultimate

Then do it. What’s the problem?

Hey, you can replace one of them with TX Ultimate or other switches with a built-in eWeLink remote gateway;

Then replace the other two with wireless switches:

Is clear you don’t get it. No problem, just get over it :slight_smile:

How are these two “classical ones” associated with a three-way switch? Is it some kind of a cross circuit breaker combination?