Sonoff Mini R3 16A Wifi - discontinued product?


I’m trying to buy Sonoff Mini R3 16A Wifi

but it is impossible as no one have it including, aliexpress, ebay etc.

What is going on… is this discontinued product ???

Look a little further. They are sold in many places, here is a link. I wonder how you can not find?

They are just selling old stock… there is no new stock.

This is why, aliexpress, ebay etc don’t have it anymore.

BTW. I solved the problem… will order different Sonoff device.

Again I can’t see how it matters if they are old stock, will it work? Your question was that you could not find it at all!

Because I can’t in UK where I live.

Buying from Germany is always an option but delivery will cost me 100% of the item value.

It is also important question… why almost no one have this item in stock?

That’s another matter. And we suffer when we have to order something from the UK. And there are things that can only be bought there.

In case you absolutely need the 16A rating there is a cheap alternative I have been using for sometime: